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Gabriela Bratkovics of White Plains’s favorite place to visit on her travels is Disney World. Gabriela Bratkovics of White Plains is always amazed how everybody, from salespeople in the stores to the people that run the rides, to the characters, has bought into the ‘happiest place on Earth’ idea. Walt Disney was a truly remarkable man, there have been many articles/educational materials on his way of conducting business and his way of approaching a challenge, according to Gabriela. Gabriela Bratkovics’ favorite city in Europe is Prague. In Dubai, she was totally surprised to see Christmas trees everywhere in December and visiting the Souks, are a very unique experience. While in Bangkok, Gabriela visited some of the Monk temples. In Zagreb, she met this amazing Croatian lady and the city tour they booked was out of this world, according to Gabriela Bratkovics of White Plains. She recommended the ‘Witch of Grich’ (Bistro Vještica) restaurant, spectacular local food. Lisbon, all of Croatia, Monte Carlo, Budapest.

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