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Busy Mom Ready For More At Work? Gabriela Bratkovics Has Tips To Manage It All

Whether you’re expecting your first child or you’re a new mom who is just learning how to balance work and home life, it can be tough to figure out how to manage the expectations associated with an ambitious workload while taking care of a baby. Gabriela Bratkovics White Plains is a finance guru who managed to work, go through grad school, and pass all four parts of the CPA exam – all as a new mom. Gabriela Bratkovics wants to share her tips with other women who are working to balance it all when it comes to motherhood and professional success.

First, Gabriela Bratkovics recommends being realistic with yourself about what you’ll be able to handle at work. The last thing you want is to take on a project and have to back out at the last minute, Gabriela Bratkovics says. Being ambitious is fantastic, but if you commit to a project or a deadline, be sure to stick to it.

Gabriela Bratkovics White Plains also recommends having a private conversation with your supervisor about your intentions at work. While it’s not fair in the least, some supervisors (especially in male dominated industries) assume that women who have children will eventually choose to leave the workplace. If this isn’t what you intend to do, there’s nothing wrong with making that clear to your supervisor, according to Gabriela Bratkovics. Be direct, be firm, and be confident in your decision.

Next, Gabriela Bratkovics recommends talking to your employer about any scheduling changes you’ll need to make as your child grows. Before you had kids, it’s likely that you were happy to stay late and come in early as needed. After you have kids, this can become exponentially more difficult. Gabriela Bratkovics White Plains recommends having an open and honest conversation with your supervisor if you can’t continue with over the top hours. If you still want to continue putting in extra work to stand out in the office, you can do so from home, on the weekends, or at other times that don’t cause a scheduling conflict.

Gabriela Bratkovics of White Plains also recommends keeping an eye out for unfair treatment. Unless you dictate otherwise, your supervisor should not treat you any differently after you become a mom. Gabriela Bratkovics of White Plains recommends talking with your human resources representative, or even going to a lawyer, if you feel that you’re being passed up for opportunities after you’ve had a child. This happens far too frequently, and when you stand up for yourself, you’re also standing up for professional mothers across the country.

Disney Enthusiast Gabriela Bratkovics White Plains Offers Tips for Visiting Disney World in Hot Summer Weather

Disney enthusiast Gabriela Bratkovics White Plains offers her top tips for visiting Walt Disney World in the hot summer months.

June, July and August are some of the busiest months of the year at Walt Disney World. These months are also when humidity and temperatures skyrocket in Orlando, FL. However, hot and crowded summer days don’t have to destroy your magic getaway with the kids. Disney enthusiast Gabriela Bratkovics White Plains offers her top tips to help you enjoy your summer visit to Walt Disney World to the fullest.

“It all comes down to being prepared,” Gabriela Bratkovics White Plains says. “Parents or guardians who are prepared will ensure a more enjoyable day for themselves and their children.”

Gabriela Bratkovics White Plains explains that being prepared means bringing plenty of sunscreen, sunglasses for everyone in the family, hats for everyone in the family and more. She says the best way to dress is in extremely lightweight clothing that covers the skin as much as possible. According to Gabriela Bratkovics White Plains, light cottons and linens are ideal for those hot days walking around the park.

“Drinking plenty of water may seem like an obvious must-do, but it’s easy to forget when you’re waiting in lines, riding rides and exploring the Disney sites,” Gabriela Bratkovics White Plains says. “Water bottles can also be extremely costly at Walt Disney World, so come prepared with reusable bottles.”

Gabriela Bratkovics White Plains explains that the timing of your visit to Walt Disney World can make a major difference in your enjoyment. On extremely hot days, she recommends getting to the park when it first opens to explore before the mid-day heat. She adds that many of Disney’s most interesting rides are actually indoors, like Space Mountain, Toy Story Midway Mania and more.

According to Disney enthusiasts like Gabriela Bratkovics White Plains, it pays to visit outdoor attractions at the parks that aren’t water-based as early in the morning as possible or as late in the evening as possible. She explains that park-goers can benefit from visiting the refreshing water parks in the mid-day heat.

“Many park-goers assume rainy days are washouts for their Disney plans,” Gabriela Bratkovics White Plains says. “However, those are some of my favorite days to visit the parks. You won’t find yourself with a chill on a rainy summer day in Florida, and you’ll enjoy drastically lighter crowds. Rainy days at Disney have created some of my most magical memories at the parks.”

Gabriela Bratkovics White Plains finishes by explaining that parents should create a list of the sites and rides they and their children want to experience the most. Make these a priority and tackle them first in case everyone gets burned out and wants to head back to the hotel early.

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Gabriela Bratkovics of White Plains Discusses the Benefits of Organic Honey

Organic Honey Provides Benefits in Unique Ways According to Beekeeper Gabriela Bratkovics of White Plains

Organic honey offers a variety of benefits due to the way in which it was created. In order for honey to be labeled as “organic,” it must meet the USDA standards within the bee farm, including being free of chemicals. Further, organic honey is raw since it is not heated beyond the point of pasteurization. Gabriela Bratkovics of White Plains, an environmental beekeeper, talks about the benefits of organic honey.

Gabriela Bratkovics explains that one of the top benefits of organic honey is that it is a good source of antioxidants. As a result, it is commonly used in skin care products in order to nourish the skin.

Many people will also choose to use organic honey as a home remedy. Gabriela Bratkovics of White Plains explains how it has antiseptic properties. As such, it can be used to heal wounds. It has also been an effective way to improve athletic performance because of its ability to restore muscle tears in between workouts.

Gabriela Bratkovics has also explored how honey bees have made it possible to create a healthy substitute for sugar. Gabriela Bratkovics of White Plains has developed organic honey as a way to maintain blood sugar levels. She recommends that people use organic honey periodically in place of sugar as it can help with weight loss. It is also a source of energy and nutrients.

Gabriela Bratkovics of White Plains explains that many people don’t realize that raw organic honey contains pollen. When organic honey is used from a local source, it can help against the allergens of that area. With the ability to ward off allergies and boost the immune system, Gabriela Bratkovics recommends that everyone has a jar of organic honey that was produced within their home area.

The problem is that most people simply reach for honey. The difference between honey and organic honey can be considerable. Standard honey that has been highly processed contains more high fructose corn syrup than anything. As Gabriela Bratkovics of White Plains explains, it may also lead to very little pollen, if any at all. Since it has been processed using sugar, antibiotics, and other byproducts, it can often lead to diabetes, obesity, and plaque buildup that can result in blood vessels around the heart narrowing.

Gabriela Bratkovics lives in New York where she has been raising honey bees for several years. She has learned a lot about the process, and by her second year, she was proud to extract 220 pounds of raw honey. She identifies that one of her favorite parts is watching how the bees interact with one another.

For anyone who wants to improve their health, Bratkovics recommends finding organic honey from a local beekeeper in order to experience the many benefits for themselves.

Top Ways to Embrace Disney During the Pandemic, Explored by Gabriela Bratkovics of White Plains

Disney Passholders and Other Struggle to Find Comfort with the Parks Closed, According to Gabriela Bratkovics of White Plains

Disney theme parks have been closed for over 30 days. New reports identify that it could be 2021 until the parks re-open to guests. Meanwhile, Disney pass holders and tourists who need their regular Disney “fix” are growing weary of finding entertainment. Gabriela Bratkovics of White Plains offers a variety of suggestions.

As a Disney fan and someone who has been involved in the hospitality industry for years, Gabriela Bratkovics identifies that one of the first things for Disney fans to do is to subscribe to the Disney Plus app. It allows people to have full access to all of their favorite Disney movies and TV shows.

Gabriela Bratkovics of White Plains recommends that Disney fans find a way to support Disney in other ways. This includes planning their Disney vacation with Disney vacation specialists, buying Disney World gift cards that can be used for their next adventure once the parks open, and shopping at the online store.

For those that are missing the various marathons and 5K races that Disney puts on, Gabriela Bratkovics recommends that they sign up for the virtual races. This allows people to get in their exercise while still being able to receive their completion medal. The only difference is that the race will happen in someone’s own neighborhood as opposed to running through the Magic Kingdom and Epcot.

Gabriela Bratkovics also identifies that there are a number of virtual tools available for those locked in for the pandemic. Gabriela Bratkovics of White Plains suggests that people take virtual rides on Disney, including flying on Peter Pan’s Flight and rocketing through Space Mountain. Disney has already realized that people are missing the rides, which is why they have created virtual versions of some of their most popular rides – and they are releasing more on a regular basis.

Gabriela Bratkovics admires Disney for what they have chosen to do. While some parts of the United States rush to open things against CDC recommendations, Disney wants to make sure that it is safe for their employees and guests. They don’t want to open and be forced to close again because of a premature opening. They are working in the background to research when it’s safe while offering as many virtual opportunities for people to continue enjoying all things Disney.

Although the parks may be closed, Gabriela Bratkovics of White Plains has figured out plenty of ways to surround herself with Disney. While she admits that it’s not the same as walking through Main Street with a Mickey-shaped ice cream bar, she said that it’s better than not having any Disney in her life – and recommends that others embrace what is out there until the parks re-open.

Gabriela Bratkovics: Raising Bees Helps Enhance Emotional Health

Honey bees are a critical part of our environment, and honey bee farmers like Gabriela Bratkovics White Plains help to ensure that these creatures remain present throughout the world. And this young woman has also found that raising honey bees brings her a sense of relaxation, harmony, and joy that she had never expected in her life. She recently discussed this benefit, detailing the ways raising honey bees calms the nerves and creates a high level of personal relaxation.

How Gabriela Bratkovics White Plains Became Interested in Honey Bees

For Gabriela Brakotvics White Plains, life hasn’t always been a pleasure after being born and raised in communist Romania. During her early life here, she experienced the concept of rationing and learned the importance of not taking for granted what she had in her life. And while challenging, this early life prepared her to face any difficulties that could come her way. After she emigrated to America in 1989, she worked hard to get Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees and become a proud mother before starting her hobby raising honey bees.

Her interest started when she read, with alarm, that the population of these vital insects was drastically decreasing. Gabriela Bratkovics White Plains understood that this problem threatened all of humanity and decided to start raising honey bees to help counteract this loss. In her first year, Gabriela Bratkovics White Plains did not extract honey but finally got about 220 pounds the next year. And she also discovered something she hadn’t expected – raising honey bees was relaxing and incredibly rewarding.

Why Gabriela Bratkovics White Plains Feels Rewarded By Honey Bees

Though Gabriela Bratkovics White Plains hadn’t thought much of honey bee behavior before she started raising them, she quickly found that they were fascinating insects. Their highly intelligent actions surprised her, as did their commitment to the hive and the well-being of each other. Gabriela Bratkovics White Plains quickly found that the bees did not consider her a threat, most of the time, and rarely stung her, though she still wears protective equipment when around them.

And through her years of raising honey bees, Gabriela Bratkovics White Plains has found that her anxiety and fear levels have significantly decreased. This factor is something that scientists have noted for years: the pleasant buzzing of the bees, combined with the outdoor environment and the comforting act of collecting honey, brought Gabriela Bratkovics White Plains a joy that she had not expected.

And those interested in this hobby should follow a few simple tips to ensure they get the same benefits. According to Gabriela Bratkovics White Plains, try to start with only a few hives to avoid getting overwhelmed. She also states that your expectations should be tempered, as it may take some time for you to collect honey bees. Gabriel Bratkovics White Plains states patience is a virtue here.

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Gabriela Bratkovics White Plains Talks About the Health Benefits of Honey

Known as a golden, sweet, sticky byproduct of bees, honey has been a staple of many people for thousands of years. It’s one of the few products of nature that have a plethora of medicinal uses as well as high nutritional value.  In fact, there’s no other product that does as much for the human body as honey does.  Here, Gabriela Bratkovics White Plains discusses the health benefits of honey she has learned over the years.1,2

“Honey is one of the most versatile products in the world,” begins Gabriela Bratkovics White Plains.  Not only has it been around since ancient times, raw honey never expires, she says.  That makes it good for many things. 

Raw honey is simply honey that hasn’t been processed, explains Gabriela Bratkovics White Plains.  That means it hasn’t been filtered to remove the impurities that it may contain.  Adults can handle the few bacteria that unprocessed honey contains, although it shouldn’t be given to children under the age of two, says Gabriela Bratkovics White Plains.

Raw honey has a lot of nutritional value, Gabriela says.  It contains mostly sugars but many nutrients and a wide variety of vitamins and minerals that the body needs.  Gabriela Bratkovics White Plains says since it’s mostly sugar, it gives us energy from a natural, healthy source unlike processed table sugar.  She says many people use honey as a substitute for sweetener since it’s fewer calories, and it’s a staple of many dieters because of this.

It’s also known to lower triglycerides, due to its inherent chemical makeup as well as the many antioxidants it contains.  Ingesting fewer triglycerides results in lower cholesterol numbers, explains Gabriela Bratkovics White Plains, while the antioxidants provide your body with many known nutrients. “I’m sure there are even more nutrients in it that we don’t even know about yet,” she adds.

Honey has been known to improve sleep quality and help with insomnia, says Gabriela Bratkovics White Plains.  Just a tablespoon or two before bed with a glass of warm milk will satisfy any hunger cravings and make you sleep like a baby, she adds.  That’s due to the sugars in the honey which help your body produce tryptophan, she explains. This is related to serotonin and melatonin which are your body’s natural sleep aids. 

Honey is also supposed to be better for diabetics, Gabriela Bratkovics White Plains says.  She says the body doesn’t recognize honey the same way it does processed sugar, so it doesn’t affect insulin levels like sugar does.  “It does affect your sugar levels some,” she says, so don’t go crazy with it.

If you have a cold, Gabriela Bratkovics White Plains says, honey is great to decrease the mucus, and it helps with a cough as well.  Many people are now using honey instead of expensive cough syrup, she explains, and they are getting all the nutritional benefits as well.

“Another great thing I love about honey is its antiseptic properties,” says Gabriela Bratkovics White Plains.  People have used it for centuries for topical wounds, she adds.  It’s also great for sunburns, she says, as it’s one of the best moisturizers around.   

Gabriela Bratkovics White Plains says she enjoys beekeeping and knowing she’s helping the environment by helping the bees, but the added benefit of harvesting literally gallons of honey each year3 makes it especially enjoyable.

Gabriela Bratkovics of White Plains From Humble Beginnings to Honey Lady

Gabriela Bratkovics of White Plains knows all about beekeeping. She says in her second year of keeping bees, she was able to harvest 220 pounds of raw honey from her hives. “That’s a lot of jars,” she adds quickly. But for Gabriela and her family, food wasn’t always that plentiful. Here, she takes us through her humble beginnings as a young Romanian citizen to where she is today as a semi-professional beekeeper.

“When I was young,” Gabriela Bratkovics begins, “my family lived in communist Romania under the rule of Nicolae Ceausescu.” It was during the 1980s when food rationing was prevalent, and shortages were severe. “We learned how to persevere,” she says. “We learned how to stretch everything we had.” She said her family got very creative when it came to making sure they had enough to eat.gabriela bratkovics white plains

But Gabriela Bratkovics of White Plains didn’t have to endure that way of living forever. She and her family immigrated to the United States just before her 18th birthday. “Everything was so different,” she explains. “Opportunity was everywhere.” However, she and her family continued to be thrifty and stretch what they had. “I think this is why I love beekeeping so much,” she adds. “It makes me feel like I’m doing my part to continue to be frugal.”

By working hard in school and staying focused, Gabriela Bratkovics of White Plains obtained her bachelor’s and finally her master’s degree in finance. With even more study, she went on to pass her Certified Public Accountant exam. However, she never forgot her humble beginnings and the need to be smart with her finances. “After my kids were older, I went back to work,” she says. “That’s when I found beekeeping.”

Gabriela Bratkovics said she learned through reading and research that bees were decreasing in population. She knew bees were needed to continue to allow farmers to grow food that would feed millions. “I think that’s another part of why I’m so passionate about it,” she says.

She started with one small hive and eventually worked her way up with the proper setup and equipment to make the colony more productive. “It’s really an art,” she says.

Gabriela Bratkovics says she makes sure not to destroy the hive each year as she harvests the honey. “There are different ways that beekeepers can harvest,” she explains. Some easier methods destroy the hives. “Even if it’s not destroyed, it makes the bees have to work twice as hard,” she adds, “since it gives them next to nothing to eat during the winter months.” Gabriela Bratkovics says she preserves the bees as she harvests each year. “I make sure to take care of them and leave the nest as intact as possible,” she adds. My neighbors now call me the Honey Lady, she says. “This is definitely a case of ‘from humble beginnings to sweet endings,’” she adds with a smile.