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Gabriela Bratkovics of White Plains Discusses the Benefits of Organic Honey

Organic Honey Provides Benefits in Unique Ways According to Beekeeper Gabriela Bratkovics of White Plains

Organic honey offers a variety of benefits due to the way in which it was created. In order for honey to be labeled as “organic,” it must meet the USDA standards within the bee farm, including being free of chemicals. Further, organic honey is raw since it is not heated beyond the point of pasteurization. Gabriela Bratkovics of White Plains, an environmental beekeeper, talks about the benefits of organic honey.

Gabriela Bratkovics explains that one of the top benefits of organic honey is that it is a good source of antioxidants. As a result, it is commonly used in skin care products in order to nourish the skin.

Many people will also choose to use organic honey as a home remedy. Gabriela Bratkovics of White Plains explains how it has antiseptic properties. As such, it can be used to heal wounds. It has also been an effective way to improve athletic performance because of its ability to restore muscle tears in between workouts.

Gabriela Bratkovics has also explored how honey bees have made it possible to create a healthy substitute for sugar. Gabriela Bratkovics of White Plains has developed organic honey as a way to maintain blood sugar levels. She recommends that people use organic honey periodically in place of sugar as it can help with weight loss. It is also a source of energy and nutrients.

Gabriela Bratkovics of White Plains explains that many people don’t realize that raw organic honey contains pollen. When organic honey is used from a local source, it can help against the allergens of that area. With the ability to ward off allergies and boost the immune system, Gabriela Bratkovics recommends that everyone has a jar of organic honey that was produced within their home area.

The problem is that most people simply reach for honey. The difference between honey and organic honey can be considerable. Standard honey that has been highly processed contains more high fructose corn syrup than anything. As Gabriela Bratkovics of White Plains explains, it may also lead to very little pollen, if any at all. Since it has been processed using sugar, antibiotics, and other byproducts, it can often lead to diabetes, obesity, and plaque buildup that can result in blood vessels around the heart narrowing.

Gabriela Bratkovics lives in New York where she has been raising honey bees for several years. She has learned a lot about the process, and by her second year, she was proud to extract 220 pounds of raw honey. She identifies that one of her favorite parts is watching how the bees interact with one another.

For anyone who wants to improve their health, Bratkovics recommends finding organic honey from a local beekeeper in order to experience the many benefits for themselves.

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