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Gabriela Bratkovics: Raising Bees Helps Enhance Emotional Health

Honey bees are a critical part of our environment, and honey bee farmers like Gabriela Bratkovics White Plains help to ensure that these creatures remain present throughout the world. And this young woman has also found that raising honey bees brings her a sense of relaxation, harmony, and joy that she had never expected in her life. She recently discussed this benefit, detailing the ways raising honey bees calms the nerves and creates a high level of personal relaxation.

How Gabriela Bratkovics White Plains Became Interested in Honey Bees

For Gabriela Brakotvics White Plains, life hasn’t always been a pleasure after being born and raised in communist Romania. During her early life here, she experienced the concept of rationing and learned the importance of not taking for granted what she had in her life. And while challenging, this early life prepared her to face any difficulties that could come her way. After she emigrated to America in 1989, she worked hard to get Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees and become a proud mother before starting her hobby raising honey bees.

Her interest started when she read, with alarm, that the population of these vital insects was drastically decreasing. Gabriela Bratkovics White Plains understood that this problem threatened all of humanity and decided to start raising honey bees to help counteract this loss. In her first year, Gabriela Bratkovics White Plains did not extract honey but finally got about 220 pounds the next year. And she also discovered something she hadn’t expected – raising honey bees was relaxing and incredibly rewarding.

Why Gabriela Bratkovics White Plains Feels Rewarded By Honey Bees

Though Gabriela Bratkovics White Plains hadn’t thought much of honey bee behavior before she started raising them, she quickly found that they were fascinating insects. Their highly intelligent actions surprised her, as did their commitment to the hive and the well-being of each other. Gabriela Bratkovics White Plains quickly found that the bees did not consider her a threat, most of the time, and rarely stung her, though she still wears protective equipment when around them.

And through her years of raising honey bees, Gabriela Bratkovics White Plains has found that her anxiety and fear levels have significantly decreased. This factor is something that scientists have noted for years: the pleasant buzzing of the bees, combined with the outdoor environment and the comforting act of collecting honey, brought Gabriela Bratkovics White Plains a joy that she had not expected.

And those interested in this hobby should follow a few simple tips to ensure they get the same benefits. According to Gabriela Bratkovics White Plains, try to start with only a few hives to avoid getting overwhelmed. She also states that your expectations should be tempered, as it may take some time for you to collect honey bees. Gabriel Bratkovics White Plains states patience is a virtue here.

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