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Top Ways to Embrace Disney During the Pandemic, Explored by Gabriela Bratkovics of White Plains

Disney Passholders and Other Struggle to Find Comfort with the Parks Closed, According to Gabriela Bratkovics of White Plains

Disney theme parks have been closed for over 30 days. New reports identify that it could be 2021 until the parks re-open to guests. Meanwhile, Disney pass holders and tourists who need their regular Disney “fix” are growing weary of finding entertainment. Gabriela Bratkovics of White Plains offers a variety of suggestions.

As a Disney fan and someone who has been involved in the hospitality industry for years, Gabriela Bratkovics identifies that one of the first things for Disney fans to do is to subscribe to the Disney Plus app. It allows people to have full access to all of their favorite Disney movies and TV shows.

Gabriela Bratkovics of White Plains recommends that Disney fans find a way to support Disney in other ways. This includes planning their Disney vacation with Disney vacation specialists, buying Disney World gift cards that can be used for their next adventure once the parks open, and shopping at the online store.

For those that are missing the various marathons and 5K races that Disney puts on, Gabriela Bratkovics recommends that they sign up for the virtual races. This allows people to get in their exercise while still being able to receive their completion medal. The only difference is that the race will happen in someone’s own neighborhood as opposed to running through the Magic Kingdom and Epcot.

Gabriela Bratkovics also identifies that there are a number of virtual tools available for those locked in for the pandemic. Gabriela Bratkovics of White Plains suggests that people take virtual rides on Disney, including flying on Peter Pan’s Flight and rocketing through Space Mountain. Disney has already realized that people are missing the rides, which is why they have created virtual versions of some of their most popular rides – and they are releasing more on a regular basis.

Gabriela Bratkovics admires Disney for what they have chosen to do. While some parts of the United States rush to open things against CDC recommendations, Disney wants to make sure that it is safe for their employees and guests. They don’t want to open and be forced to close again because of a premature opening. They are working in the background to research when it’s safe while offering as many virtual opportunities for people to continue enjoying all things Disney.

Although the parks may be closed, Gabriela Bratkovics of White Plains has figured out plenty of ways to surround herself with Disney. While she admits that it’s not the same as walking through Main Street with a Mickey-shaped ice cream bar, she said that it’s better than not having any Disney in her life – and recommends that others embrace what is out there until the parks re-open.

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